The Life and Times of King Cnut

King Cnut was started by stand-up comedian Dave Griffiths, to celebrate one of England's greatest Cnuts, King Cnut, who ruled England and  Wales from 1016 to 1035.
His tiny t-shirt company attracted attention from a huge corporation due to him proudly wearing his CNUT t-shirts whilst working as a stand-up. This legal case inspired Dave to write and perform a sell out Edinburgh Show in 2013 called C U in Court.

The exposure of the case gave Dave some free advertising and his hobby of creating high quality cnut t-shirts became a small business. His first order for his Cnut design came from a theatre production called The Vagina Monologues with the t-shirt design 'just say cnut!'

Dave has since built his small business into a small business! King Cnut thrives on quality and customer service which is second to none!

King Cnut provides humorous, creative, high quality street wear. All the clothing is ethically sourced and printed in-house using sustainable materials. Our packaging is biodegradable and we lick our own stamps with organic spit. The t-shirts can be eaten by vegetarians and vegans but only during harvest :) (Yes, Dave never made it as a stand-up.)

King Cnut prides itself with hands-on one to one customer care, generates a huge percentage of repeat business and welcomes suggestions for new designs. Happy shopping and please join Dave and his team on Facebook to see what antics they are up to now.

King Cnut is a small company but we've got some big fans!
Jeremy Bowen (BBC Middle Eastern Editor) and Alesha Dixon (Britain's Got Talent/Strictly Come Dancing) Judge!

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