King Cnut Movie

The crowdfunded King Cnut Documentary is finished here's a clip!! :)

You can now buy the King Cnut Movie on Amazon:


Film Poster

The King Cnut movie is based on Dave Griffiths' C U in Court Edinburgh Show trailer for that below!

★ ★ ★ ★ 'One of the best shows I’ve seen…you need to see it.' - Punchline Comedy.

★ ★ ★ ★ 'A remarkable tale…with many twists and turns.' - Broadway Baby.

Independent Article online:

“This true David & Goliath story is remarkable in its foolhardiness.” - Time Out.

“Hilarious" – Three Weeks.

"Fcuking Brilliant" - Hal Cruttenden BBC2's Mock The Week.

"More tenacious than Tenacious D don't make him angry!" - Paul Ross on TalkRadio.

2nd Cousin of Damian Lewis (We've never met).

‘Love your story and huge congrats my friend’ - Mark Thomas (Comedian/Activist).

‘Good work!’ – Graham Linehan (Father Ted).

'Very Funny' - Robert Llewelyn (Red Dwarf).

“The best use of the iconic ‘Dad’s Army’ graphic ever used at the Fringe” – The List.

“As important as Morgan Spurlock's Super Size Me! An extraordinary and highly entertaining show.” - Mark Dolan, host of Channel 4’s Balls Of Steel.

“As well as being extremely funny, Dave Griffiths tells us something very important about corporate power and freedom of expression" - Guy Osborn Professor of Law University of Westminster.

"Fcuking Brilliant" - Hal Cruttenden BBC2's Mock The Week.

"King Cnut…does make exceeding good t-shirts" - Judge Richard Arnold QC (as quoted in court).

'I hated it, you're just the type of person who wastes lawyers precious time' - Michael McGowan Lawyer for Heathrow Airport's Third Runway.

“There’s lots of things I’d like to say, but I don’t think I should say any of them.” - Spokesperson for French Connection.

Winner of ITV's Take the Mike.

Thames Valley Police Bravery Award.

If you've got this far down the page here's a reward - enter the following code for 20% off in the King Cnut shop...

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