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You Brexit You Fix it T-Shirt!

This is the t-shirt I printed for the march for Europe protest outside the Houses of Parliament you can buy it here   

Talk Radio with Paul Ross

How embarrassing I turned up to Talk Radio today wearing the same outfit as Paul Ross!! 

King Cnut v The Hunt

Here's a very short clip of my shambolic encounter with the Kimblewick hunt today who had come into the garden with a...

Henley-on-Thames Show 8pm Friday 30th Oct

I've got a few tickets fo a gig I'm doing in Henley this Friday 30th Oct at 8pm 45 Market Place. Just let me know on ...

Back to the Future Day 21:10:2015

 As it's Back to the Future Day here's a pic of me in a DeLorean up at the Edinburgh Festival!! One minute Marty McFl...

Dave Griffiths - C U iN courT Edinburgh Show is here!

Yep it's that time of year again for the Edinburgh Festival!!  Dave Griffiths: C U in Court, 6.15pm Maggie's Chamber...

GAP is CRAP T-Shirt - French Connection says FCUK GAP

I really love GAP and I was so upset when I saw a t-shirt on the site a t-shirt that looked like a Gap t-shirt but sa...

Edinburgh Festival 2015

I'm very pleased to announce I will be performing C U in Court at:- 6.15pm, 6th - 30th August, Maggie's Chamber, Fre...

King Cnut - The Telegraph Feb 11th 2015

I knew I'd lost my wallet!! The Telegraph spell's my name right!! :-)

Dave Griffiths C U IN Court Edinburgh Show 2014

I'll be up again at the Edinburgh Festival for a week 9th to 16th Aug at 5pm at Maggie's Chamber, Free Sisters, 139 C...

Got picked for Best Joke in the Daily Mail! And I'm not joking!

Daily Mail 25th July 2014 - Joke No.13Online
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