The Great Tower Bridge Speed Trap Swindle - A Camera to Gain Revenue Pure and Simple

Yep I got caught doing 30 in a 20 and even the instructor at our AA DriveTech course said that when he first went over the bridge he didn't realise it was a 20mph because it's so badly sign posted. It's a trap pure and simple to gain money for the City of London Police and the AA who are supposed to on the side of drivers hoho they're as bad as the police. My course was interesting but a ridiculous punishment as is a fine and points as thousands of people are being caught not in rush hour but not in rush hour. The signs for the speed limit are almost impossible to spot first time only after you've been caught do you know it's obvious it's a trap pure and simple it makes the Police and the AA a total joke, it's a money making operation and we've bending over backwards and taking it! They're making millions plus losing thousands of people a day of work what a fcuking joke. Yes I'm angry especially when the AA Drivetech guy says the day on the course is a NOT a punishment of course it is you dumb motherfcuker I didn't go on the course out of choice I lost a days work and was told that the signage for the 20mph on Tower bridge was appalling, every excuse they gave for the 20mph signage on Tower Bridge didn't stand up to scrutiny it's badly signed to catch people out, the City of London police are a law unto themselves and have special permission to have fewer speed limit signs and have them smaller to 'protect' the look of the bridge not people it's a joke and the City of London police should be held to account. Below is the video is a screenshot of the 20mph sign on the road and yes it is totally worn away! Watch the whole video below to see if you can spot the Bridge is 20mph!

Notice the supposed 20mph sign painted on the road it's totally worn away so how the hell are you supposed to see it's 20mph??

Tower Bridge 20mph AA Drive Tech City of London Police Speed Awareness Camera Trap

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