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Ryan Pritchard owes me and many others money.

I'm owed money for clothing I have printed in March 2017 from Ryan Pritchard of We Move It We Storeformaly known as P...

No Fixed Abode v Versace

I have been helping Emma with her case against Versace here's the story as written by as they c...

PFP Energy are fraudsters

PFP Energy sent me a fraudulent invoice for £708.93. The letter, calls and invoices were all a total lie.

CNUT inspired by FCUK inspired by AC/DC t-shirt

Right this could be the most confusing post ever published on Facebook! I am now selling a CNUT t-shirt that has been...

You Brexit You Fix it T-Shirt!

This is the t-shirt I printed for the march for Europe protest outside the Houses of Parliament you can buy it here   

Talk Radio with Paul Ross

How embarrassing I turned up to Talk Radio today wearing the same outfit as Paul Ross!! 

Dave Griffiths King Cnut on Talk Radio Paul Ross Show

You can listen again if you fancy it at click 7.00-7.30 and I'm...

King Cnut on Penny Smith's Talk Radio Show 8am Sat 26th March

If you missed it here it is click 9.00-9.30 even though I was on at 8.00 that's technology for you! http://talkradio....

NEXT C U in COURT SHOW -Thurs 3rd March London

More Details on Gig Dates Page here ★ ★ ★ ★  'One of the best shows I’ve seen…you...

King Cnut v The Hunt

Here's a very short clip of my shambolic encounter with the Kimblewick hunt today who had come into the garden with a...

Henley-on-Thames Show 8pm Friday 30th Oct

I've got a few tickets fo a gig I'm doing in Henley this Friday 30th Oct at 8pm 45 Market Place. Just let me know on ...
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