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Welcome to King Cnut

The King Cnut Documentary is out and being sent out to film festivals at this very moment, here's a clip!

Thanks for visiting! We have excellent quality clothing which are all printed in house, plus a documentary coming out soon based on owner Dave Griffiths' Edinburgh Show C U in Court about unbelievable corporate hypocrisy, you can see more about that at  In case you didn't know King Cnut was the Viking King of England in 1016 who is famously known for attempting to turn back the tide. We're presently having a campaign against the outrageous stealing of the AC/DC logo by French Connection by producing our own protest Cnut t-shirt inspired by the Fcuk t-shirt inspired by AC/DC t-shirt!! :-) Below are some videos and a bit of press that may amuse!


A clip from the King Cnut Documentary showing the extent of French Connection's thievery and then having the cheek to send me a cease and desist letter!

We hope you like what you see! :-)

Cnut Castle Wyfold Grange, Reading RG4 9HU United Kingdom 01491 680355

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